About us

Arcadia Wellness Park was envisioned with people in mind who long for solitude, serenity, peace and quiet.

We offer a four-star holiday home as well as services specifically tailored for rest and relaxation: wellness, recreation, creation and education.

Our wellness service includes excellent medical massage, Finnish sauna with sauna pool, hot tub, salt room and musical therapy.

Recreational activities include strolling along the nearby forest and jogging paths, playing boccia on our well-maintained playground, badminton, cycling to the mill on the Mura River and other forms of easy and relaxing recreation.

Creative activities comprise of drawing on the easel, modeling in clay and the possibility of devising original creative activities, depending on your personal preference and affinity.

You can satisfy your educational curiosity by taking a stroll through our therapeutic Philosopher's Walk – Athens' school. In a very thoughtful way you will be introduced to the interesting world of thought of ancient Greece and Rome, stimulating your inherent drive towards deeper thinking and self-reflection.

Habitat of protected species of butterflies

The park is located in a hilly part of Međimurje, within the natural monument Bedekovićeve grabe, the habitat of protected species of butterflies – the Scarce Large Blue (Maculinea teleius) and the Dusky Large Blue (Maculinea nausithous).

These belong to critically endangered species of butterflies protected by the Nature Protection Act. They are listed on the IUCN's list of endangered animals of the world, the European red list of endangered species of butterflies and the Red List of butterflies in Croatia.

The Arcadia Wellness Park logo is a stylized representation of these butterflies.