How to reach us?

Frkanovec 116/a, 40311 Lopatinec
Međimurje, Croatia

+385 (0) 99 2233 775

Arcadia Wellness Park is located in the village Frkanovec, approximately ten kilometers from Čakovec and the Sveti Martin Spa Resort.

Coming from Čakovec, you can reach Arcadia Wellness Park as follows: in Šenkovec, the village right after Čakovec, at the first intersection after the traffic lights turn left towards Štrigova. Follow the main road and after about 5 km you should reach the village Pleškovec. Keep driving through the village and you will see the Arcadia Wellness Park signpost on your right and then just follow the signs’ directions.

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!

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Čakovec - 10 km
Varaždin - 19 km
Koprivnica - 63 km
Zagreb - 110 km
Lendava - 19 km
Maribor - 80 km
Ljubljana - 190 km
Graz - 140 km
Budapest - 270 km