A unique wellness, recreation and education center
in northwestern Croatia.

Arcadia Wellness Park is a unique tourist opportunity which combines different wellness services and creative, recreational and educational activities in order to fulfill the primary purpose of its existence - the achievment of inner peace and balance.


The park is located in a hilly part of Međimurje, approximately ten kilometers from Čakovec and the Sveti Martin Spa Resort, inside the natural monument Bedekovićeve grabe - the habitat of the endangered and protected Large Blue butterfly, and consists of a wellness facility, a separate holiday home with an outdoor pool, a sauna and a hot tub, and a surrounding horticultural garden. The wider area is covered by forests and meadows with beautiful walking paths meandering through the landscape.


What is our greatest advantage?

Arcadia - it is solitude, nature, peace and quiet. You won't find rest like this in cramped spas, crowded beaches or noisy hotels. When you book your stay, you are the only guests in Arcadia - this is our greatest advantage and your greatest pleasure.

Why Arcadia?

The term Arcadia (originally in Greek Ἀρκαδία) in a figurative, metaphorical sense means a place of harmony between man and nature.

Arcadia Wellness Park is our answer to an important question in everyone’s life today: A man who yearns for peace and quiet... where does he find it?

We are confident we’ve found the right way. Visit us and see for yourself.